Glassblowing at Jamestown Glasshouse – music video

Jamestown Glasshouse – where American history is more interesting than you thought! Watch talented artisans demonstrate the craft of glassblowing at Jamestown Glasshouse. Whether you appreciate hand-crafted artistry or are fascinated by learning what life in America must have been like 400 years ago, the Glasshouse is a must-visit. Hand-blown glassware is available for puchase on location at Jamestown Glasshouse and from Filmed in high definition, this 2-minute music video will be available on Finley-Holiday Films’ “Jamestown Glasshouse DVD.” THE GLASSHOUSE Jamestown – the first permanent English settlement in the New World – was established by the Virginia Company of London in May 1607. The Company hoped glass production might provide the profit that it was looking for and the Glasshouse of 400 years ago was quite literally the first factory in America. In 1607, glass was a luxury only the well-to-do could afford and the Jamestown site abounded with raw materials for making glass – wood for fuel and ash, and sand (silica) from the beach. In the end, the original Glasshouse failed. Disease, starvation, Indian attacks and bad water nearly wiped out the inhabitants as basic survival became the priority over glass-making. Today’s Glasshouse is a modern version of what we believe the original might have been like, and sits just yards from the ruins of the original 1608 furnaces which were re-discoved in 1948. For more information on Historic Jamestowne, visit www

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