Partners In Parks – United for America – National Parks

… for the benefit and enjoyment of the people. “Partners in Parks – United for America” describes the historic role played by concessioners in the national parks protecting the parks and serving their vision for more than 100 years. This informative video also covers the key challenges facing Americas national parks today and the role concessioners can play in keeping the American people connected to their parks and helping the National Park Service care for these national treasures. Our national parks contribute to the physical, mental and spiritual health of those who visit. Visitors re-create and experience unparalleled beauty and encounters with nature. And parks help beyond our health. They offer marvelous learning adventures for biology and history, physics and geology, psychology and the arts. They connect us across geographic, generational, economic and cultural divides. But many Americans today are not sharing in national park experiences; there is a growing disconnection for many from active, outdoor lifestyles. A generation of Americans has grown up urbanized, surrounded by the lures of technology and spending little time outdoors. In the last twenty years, our nations population has grown by 25% — and the number of visitors to parks has declined. All of us involved with parks need to work together to bond the next generation of citizens to the great outdoors. We need to act now because tomorrows Americans wont protect that which they dont understand and

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