Red Foxes Playing in Mount Rainier National Park – DVD

Watch as these Red Foxes play in Mt Rainier National Park. Be careful of the orange one…he is sneaky! No foxes were harmed in the making of this video. Although it look viscous, these foxes are only playing. Scenes included on Finley-Holiday’s Mount Rainier National Park DVD. Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) The red fox can appear in many color variations, including reddish-orange, blonde and silver-black. All red foxes have white-tipped tails. The red fox is a shy but intelligent animal, and park visitors would be lucky to see them. They mainly prey on small mammals: voles, mice, rabbits, etc. However, they have been known to eat other foods based on the season, including insects, berries and even fish. Like others in the canine (Canidae) family, including wolves and coyotes, the red fox has an excellent sense of smell, sight, and sound. They use these senses to hunt at sunset and during the night. Available on location and from

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