Sequoia Smashes SUV Car – Sequoia National Park DVD Tree

Excerpts from a bonus feature on Sequoia Kings Canyon DVD. Available on location and from What are the odds? A tree stands for 1000 years and waits until you park you car next to it to fall. Was this driver extremely unlucky or extremely lucky? He lost his SUV, but could have just as easily been in it. Videographer Steve Bumgardner was on the scene shortly after the big tree fell. DVD Extras on this Sequoia-Kings Canyon DVD include: • Bears of the Lower 48 • Caves of Sequoia • Hike to Mt Whitney • 27 New Species Discovered • Sequoia-Kings Canyon Quiz • Sequoia Music Video Wildlife, park history and more! Sequoia and Kings Canyon are home to a fascinating mixture of wildlife – black bear, deer, chickaree, pine marten and a variety of birds. Learn about the amazing Sequoias, the role of fire and park history. Photographed and edited by Steve Bumgardner. Part of Finley-Holiday Films National Parks Series DVDs.

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