Snake River Whiterwater Rafting – Jackson Hole

This is the biggest rapid on the Snake River whiterwater rafting with Mad River Boat Trips. South of Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Filmed at Big Kahuna Rapids/Lunch Counter in high definition HD. This is late June white water! When you head down the Snake River with Mad River, you’re traveling with more than 100 years of river guide experience. Guides are knowledgeable in local lore, Wyoming’s rugged and beautiful waters, and advanced rafting safety. You’ll find our entire crew prides themselves in providing the very best, most exciting river trip you can take in the Jackson area. Come, grab a paddle and take a trip with Mad River. We guarantee it will be one you remember for a long time. Visit For more National Park Adventures on DVD, check out Finley-Holiday Films at

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