Glacier National Park DVD

A 2-minute highlight of the Glacier National Park DVD. Available on location in Glacier National Park and from This spectacular DVD presents the scenic wonders, fascinating geology and incredible wildlife of both Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks nature on a grand scale! From Lake McDonald to Many Glacier, from St. Mary Lake to Red Rock Canyon, this is guaranteed to be the best, most complete Glacier DVD available. LANDSCAPE, WILDLIFE, WILDFLOWERS Glacier is home to the largest intact group of native wildlife in the lower 48 states. See closeup footage through the seasons of almost every species, including elk, bighorn, black bear and grizzly bear the most feared predator in North America. HISTORIC LODGES, RED BUSES AND BOATS Waterton-Glaciers charm reaches out from its past: Rich DVD Extras let you experience the charm of the parks four historic lodges and amazing boat adventures, plus the stylish elegance aboard the historic red buses on Going-to-the-Sun Road. Closed-captioned. Part of Finley-Holiday Films National Parks Series DVDs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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