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America In Space: The First 40 Years DVD


    Model: DV-1
    Run Time: 90 minutes
    Format: Region: plays worldwide, NTSC
  • Great overview of the American Space Program
  • 40 Years of Space History
  • Restored historical footage
  • Space Shuttle Missions
  • The Space Station & On to Mars
  • Bonus Apollo 13 NASA film

40 Years of Space History
This exclusive Finley-Holiday production is a video treasure: the complete saga of America's first forty years in space. Best of all, Finley-Holiday has painstakingly restored and edited this historical footage in broadcast quality, resulting in amazing picture and sound quality that only DVD can reproduce. Mankind's Greatest Adventure
From the original Mercury flights, through Gemini and Apollo, we join America's first astronauts as they brave the unknown to reach the Moon. Then, a visit to the Skylab space station
Voyage To The Planets
Robot eyes reveal the amazing wonders of the solar system, from Mercury, Venus and Mars to the giant outer planets and their fascinating moons.
Space Shuttle Missions
The shuttle astronauts rescue satellites, repair the Hubble Telescope, and link up with the Mir space station, as we prepare for the next giant leap: The Space Station & On to Mars


Apollo 13 historical video As an added bonus, this DVD also contains NASA's historical 30-minute film on the near-tragic Apollo 13 mission. No Hollywood actors, this is the Real Men, the Real Story.


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1 The Space Race
2 Rocket Development
3 Mercury Program
4 Gemini and Apollo
5 To the Moon!
6 Disaster Averted
7 Driving On The Moon
8 Skylab and Soyuz
9 Robot Explorers
10 Age of the Shuttle
11 Working in Space
12 Science & the Shuttle
13 Repairing Hubble
14 International Space Station
15 Probing the Planets
16 Looking Back - And Beyond


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