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Apollo Moon Landings DVD


    Model: DV-12
    Run Time: 72 minutes
    Format: Region: plays worldwide, NTSC
  • Newly Restored Footage
  • Bonus Video - Mercury, Gemini & Apollo OverviewAn Exclusive Production
  • Mankind's Greatest Adventure
  • Bonus Video: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo Overview
  • A great overview
  • Over an hour of video

Featuring superb picture and sound quality that only DVD can offer, this exclusive production is the ultimate Apollo Adventure, painstakingly assembled from hundreds of hours of footage taken by the astronauts, and live     television pictures beamed from the surface of the Moon.
From President Kennedy's challenge to Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon, from the near disaster of Apollo 13 to the Lunar Rover missions, this historically accurate video tells the story of mankind's greatest adventure. Witness inspiring liftoffs, the Earth from space and     dramatic moments as the Apollo astronauts explore the alien landscape of another world.

Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Overview An Oldie but a Goodie! This historical NASA film gives an excellent overview of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft programs, effectively tracing America's space race to the moon. From the original seven astronauts to spectacular Apollo 17, this program features good quality archival footage of an important chapter in American history.

1 Introduction
2 Gemini
3 The Astronauts
4 Saturn V
5 Eagle Has Landed
6 Experiments
7 Apollo 13
8 Apollo 15
9 The Last Mission
10 Legacy of Apollo


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