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Our Amazing Solar System DVD


    Model: DV-20
    Run Time: 90 minutes
    Format: Region: plays worldwide, NTSC
  • An Epic Adventure of Our Solar System
  • The golden age of space exploration
  • Bonus Video: On Robot Wings
  • Incredible digital picture & sound quality
  • Interactive menus

Featuring the amazing picture and sound quality that only DVD can offer, this fully-narrated video reveals new worlds beyond our imagination. This is the epic adventure, as never before presented, a captivating program featuring the latest and best visuals from the golden age of space exploration.
With supercomputer visualizations, you will soar over the volcano-scarred landscape of Venus and journey to the Grand Canyon of Mars. Experience the eerie majesty of the giant outer planets and their amazing moons, unique gems in this wondrous solar system we call home. From comets to solar flares, from the scorched surface of Mercury to the frozen outer worlds of Neptune & Triton, this is the complete video saga of our amazing solar system.


• Bonus Video - On Robot Wings: Flying by the planets! Unmanned spacecraft have extended our knowledge of the Solar System in ways that could only be dreamed of just decades ago. Featuring amazing footage from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this video allows you to fly On Robot Wings over planets and moons as if aboard a high-speed, low-flying spacecraft. Fly over Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Uranus moon, Miranda.

1 The Beginning
2 Sun
3 Mercury/Venus
4 Earth/Moon
5 Mars
6 Jupiter
7 Saturn
8 Uranus
9 Neptune
10 Comets


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