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America's Greatest Caverns DVD


    Model: DV-9
    Run Time: 60 minutes
    Format: Region: plays worldwide, NTSC
  • A Full Hour of Americas Greatest Caverns
  • Mysterious underground world
  • The biggest, best, most unusual & most beautiful caves
  • How caves are formed
  • Unique wildlife
  • Bonus Video: Cave Conservation & Ethics

Mysterious Underground World
Descend into a mysterious underground world and explore America’s incredible network of caves and caverns. From every region of the U.S., discover the natural treasures and adventures that lie underground.
Biggest, Best, Unusual, Beautiful!
Not only will you visit America’s biggest and best, but you’ll discover many lesser-known but equally fascinating caves. Cave experts explain how various cave features were formed and the important role that water plays in the creation and long-term health of cave ecosystems. Marvel at the unique wildlife that have adapted to life in the dark, ranging from eyeless fish to creepy cave crickets. Learn of  today’s explorers, scientists and spelunkers and their discoveries in the underground world.

Cave Conservation & Ethics video - This educational video is at once fascinating and informative as it presents the most important aspects of what you can do as a cave visitor to help preserve and protect our underground national treasures.

1 Introduction
2 Types of Caverns
3 How Caverns Form
4 Formations Within
5 Cavern History
6 Exploring Below
7 Ecology
8 Underground Worlds
9 Wildlife
10 Conclusion


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